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Opinion: Safety is paramount

February 2, 2016

Commentary by Don Perkins

We are blessed to be citizens of the United States and residents of Indiana. Because of these two things, we are allowed to own and carry firearms with permits to do so.

I wonder though, is it OK to carry a handgun without the proper training to? Should we, as residents of Indiana, be required to graduate from a handgun training course, which would include care, custody, safety and marksmanship of a handgun, before a concealed carry permit would be issued to us? I think we should.

The state of Indiana will issue us a driver’s license, but before we can get the license, we are required to pass competency tests. Depending on circumstances and the ability to pass the tests, this process could take several months, a year, or more to get our first driver’s license. Plus we have to recertify every few years that we have the basic skills in order to retain our license.

I think this would be a good starting point for conversation around training and certification to carry a handgun. In no way am I suggesting that buying a handgun in Indiana should be changed. As I stated in my last column, I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. But as I have mentioned, safety is paramount with firearms.

The NRA offers great firearms courses that are available to both gun and non-gun owners that would suffice core requirements for safe gun ownership.

Let us be knowledgeable and safe supporters of the Second Amendment!


January 2016

As I write my first article for the Current, I cannot help but think about the division in our country over GUN CONTROL. There are not many topics that create as many diametrically opposed views as does GUN CONTROL. Bring up the Second Amendment to the Constitution and you will surely get heart felt, emotional comments from parties on either side of the debate. As I am a patriot, and I don’t mean the kind that cheers for the New England team, I am called to think about the framers of the Constitution and what they did in forming our basis of Government. Our founding fathers were leaders, who knew what they wanted in a new country based on their history. A free society was the call, free from oppression and suppression by Government. Now, throw in the Bill Of Rights (the first ten amendments) and you have the basic freedoms we still enjoy today. Still, 224 years after the Bill of Rights was ratified, we question the wisdom of our founding fathers as to whether we as citizens should have the right to bear arms! At this point in time, we need to stop and think about the past 100 years and what has happened to other countries around the world who have allowed their citizens to be disarmed by government. The outcomes for those countries and their citizens have not gone well. Our fore fathers knew what they were doing when they drafted the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We need to remember what they went through to give us the Second Amendment, and that a lot of men and women have died protecting us and our freedom.